Saturday, December 12, 2009

007 Snorkelers

Da dadala da…da da da. Da dadala da…da da da (in a higher key). DA DA (even higher).

Do you recognize that as James Bond music? If so, perhaps you remember the scenes filmed in Thunderball Grotto in the Thunderball movie. The grotto is just off of Staniel Cay. It’s just a small island to look at from the outside, but if you go at low tide, you can swim or snorkel inside. Fantastic! It’s like the whole island is hollowed out into a chamber with holes at the top (see picture at right). Inside, the water is about ten feet deep, and there’s plenty of head room to take out your snorkel and look around (see picture at left). There are also fish galore, mostly sergeant majors looking to be fed (see previous blog as a warning), so they swarm all around you. I made the mistake of telling another woman snorkeling in the grotto that I had been bitten by a sergeant major, and she immediately freaked out, saying that they were looking her in the eye. Oops! And yes, we have a license to kill—fishing license, that is. But not here, as the grotto is a no-fishing zone.


  1. Pretty cool place....we loved it! It is like another world...We want to go back...

  2. Man oh man, these are all fantastic pics, but we must say the one of the pigs swimming to the dinghy were surreal. Do they bite if they get pissed off cause you don't feed them? That will make that fish bite seem like a little pinch, we imagine.

  3. Anne, We made fresh tortillas this morning for our breakfast burritos...thanks to you and your lesson!