Friday, August 28, 2009

Tropical Storm Danny’s On His Way!

Our friend, Kitty, once remarked that the presence of Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel is a ill omen because it means a bad storm is coming. Well, Jim reported this morning from Quincy, Massachusetts. This is bad, very bad, as Kitty’s new email, which Chris just read to me this second, stresses. But we’ve got high hopes that things will be OK. Right now, we are still in the zone of death (no, no, I didn’t mean death, I meant danger!), although the forecast is for Danny to start veering toward the northeast before it gets to New England; Cape Cod will probably get the worst weather. Also, Town River, where we’re anchored, is supposed to be a good hurricane hole. So we’ve put out a couple of extra anchors and are crossing our fingers. Wish us luck! And to our friends out their on their own boats – stay safe!

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  1. We've been thinking about you guys with the recnet Hurricanes, stay safe.. Liz & Devin S/V Moosetracks.