Friday, August 28, 2009

A Trip to the Massachusetts North Shore

We’ve been staying on the South Shore of Massachusetts, Boston being the dividing line between north and south. Some friends of ours from the St. Pete Municipal Marina, Alex and Gary, live on the North Shore, and had invited us to visit. So we did.
Alex and Gary have a house on the Merrimac River, and a mooring that they generously allowed us to use. And I must say, don’t we look on it, in this view from their living room window?) We originally intended to stay a couple of nights, but when Hurricane Bill threatened New England, we stayed on until it was safe to venture out. While there, we visited with Alex and Gary and ate wonderful greens and vegetables from Alex’s garden, walked all around Amesbury and Newburyport, and took refreshing swims in the river. Freshwater swimming is so different from saltwater swimming in that you actually feel clean when you come out of freshwater – what a change! My sister, Dianne, and her partner, Ellen, also came down from New Hampshire to visit, and we strolled around the nature preserve on Plum Island (where Anne was viciously bitten by a green-head fly, with fangs). The North Shore is probably known to many people by its towns, cities, and harbors: Marblehead, Salem (yes, of witches fame), Rockport, Ipswich (as in clams), and Gloucester. The scenery was beautiful, but our camera unfortunately was in the shop as it had crapped out on us, so we were unable to take any pictures. However, that just gives us incentive to make the trip again!

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