Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Pleasure of Just Sailing

Anne’s brother, Greg, has a great 15-foot sailboat that he brought down to Town River one day. Here’s a picture of Greg and Chris sailing around one afternoon while Anne and Meg (Greg’s wife) drank wine in Mr Mac’s cockpit and cheered them on. Chris has been complaining about the water getting cooler as we have come north, wondering how anyone could swim when the water was less than 80 degrees (we’ve wimped out living in Florida). He found out, however, when they flipped and ended up in the drink. Chris can’t complain, though, since he was at the tiller at the time!

This is the same boat that Greg and Anne were sailing around Quincy Bay last summer when great white sharks were feasting on seals off of Chatam on Cape Cod, only about 50 miles away. A bit unnerving when you're that close to the water, and the sharks out-size the boat!


  1. Such an awesome story about the yacht club. You guys are amazing us with all the anchoring and no marinas. That is SO cool. Good for you. We are very impressed. We completely understand about the water temps. It's 87+ in Key West today, but we've seen it 90+. Just a big bathtub here.

  2. We're noticing the colder water, too. Showers definately are getting shorter, as our water tank is in the keel. Still too many jellyfish to even consider swimming.

  3. "He's in a boat Martin. Not in the ocean. After what he saw today I don't hink he'll ever go in the water again."

    " Oh now don't say that."