Saturday, February 11, 2017

New Hardtop and Solar Panels

Chris was hard at work this fall on a new hardtop for Mr Mac. Years ago he had made a hard dodger (hard on top, canvas on the front and sides), but the canvas was getting old, saggy, and leaky. Also, we recently installed a new refrigeration unit for the fridge (it used to be a spillover system with the freezer, but it didn’t work well that way), so could use a bit more power. So, after weeks sweating it first in the storage building at Red Frog (working under cover thanks to DC!) and then on deck, we had it! He’s still got to devise a way to cover up the wiring, but we now are dry during a rain storm, and the panels really pump in the power!

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  1. looks great Chris - am sure you will really enjoy it!!