Saturday, January 21, 2017

Red Frog Marina and Isla Bastimento

The red frogs of Red Frog

Under an almond tree on Turtle Beach
If you’re looking for some dock time in Bocas del Toro area, we highly recommend the Red Frog Marina. Located on Isla Bastimento (much of the island is a nature preserve), a 10-20 minute boat ride from Bocas Town, it’s tucked into a highly protected cove surrounded by mangroves. Head up the floating docks to the path through the jungle where there are tons of jungle flowers and birds flitting around. One day we watched a sloth crawl slooowly across the path and climb back into the trees on the other side. Up by the office is a lovely bathhouse with showers and washers and driers. A two-minute walk through a garden-like area brings you to a small store stocked with essentials, as well as the welcome center to the rest of the resort, which presently consists of villas tucked into a beautiful jungle landscape, numerous white-sand beaches, a zip line, and a restaurant. These features are on the other side of the island from the marina – walkable, but not so near that you even know that they’re there. There’s great hiking around the island (we’ve seen sloths, monkeys, loads of the namesake red frogs, lots of birds, and more), and a terrific little place on the beach to get a cold drink and delicious fish tacos. Need to go to town? They offer free scheduled panga rides to and from Bocas Town four days per week; otherwise, the trip is $8 per person one way. I had seen ads for Red Frog Marina at boat shows and in cruising magazines and always thought that it would be too high-priced for our cruising kitty, but it’s actually quite affordable and the people are great, so what’s not to like?
Lovely flower

Bastimentos Sky - this way to the zipline

Is that a beautiful palm or what?

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  1. Looks like you have found a great area to explore - sure must be nice to find a place that is so rich with the natural wonders of both land and sea! Always enjoy learning about new places to put on our list (that seems to always gets longer an longer!) If you decide to head over to London for a winter, let me know as they have new management and a much nicer place to be (with some deals for the winter!)