Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Close Quarters

Standing on Mr Mac, looking across Brilliant and Star Gazer

We stopped in Vero Beach, a town along the ICW that has little to offer for anchorages, but makes up for it with a terrific city marina. They’ve got an extensive mooring field for a reasonable price ($15/night), and great amenities (good showers, laundromat, lounge, fuel dock with water, pump-out boat, mail drop, walking distance to the beach and nearby theater with free music on comedy nights, and a free city bus all over town). However…lest you think you’ll be alone on that mooring, think again. Cruisers are flocking south, and many flock here for Thanksgiving, so boats were rafted three across on most of the moorings. Luckily, our friends Carl and Carrie saved us a spot next to them so we didn’t have to live literally three inches from strangers. It also made it quite convenient to socialize!

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