Friday, September 25, 2015

Free Docks at Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Great slips marked with slip width for the best fit!

Another great advantage of taking the Dismal Swamp route is a stopover at Elizabeth City on the southern end. These people actually like boaters (take a lesson here, Florida). They have terrific docks – free! – where you can spend a fun 48 hours roaming the small city. If several boats are in at the end of the day, they also have wine and cheese, with roses for the ladies! And helpful…I can’t say enough good. We spent a couple of days picking up some supplies (like another fly swatter, since we wore our old one out in the Dismal Swamp), walking around, and buying produce and shrimp at the waterfront Saturday market. If you’re ever boating anywhere nearby, make sure you stop here.

Fishing boats refurbished as pleasure craft leaving the Elizabeth City free docks

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  1. We agree - they definitely know how to welcome cruisers in Elizabeth City - sure wish others understood that it is a win-win for a community by being helpful to those on the water, word gets around and more people come to visit and spend money there as well. We really enjoyed our travels through the Dismal Swamp too!