Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ashore for the Winter

Neat trails through the woods
Well, for the first time since we've owned Mr Mac, nearly 15 years, we're spending more than a couple of months living ashore. Every summer we attend conventions for promoting and selling our books. When we're in the states, it's simple enough to leave the boat somewhere safe, like a marina or mooring field, while we travel to conventions. For three years, while we were cruising the Caribbean, we hauled the boat in Trinidad in June or July, flew home for work and visits, then back in September to cruise again. This year we sailed back to the states and hauled the boat. Having been in the water nearly non-stop for 30 years, she needs some TLC. So, we're spending the winter at my sister's summer house on Cape Cod. Yes, it's got heat, and I (Anne) personally love the cape in the winter. Chris is busy stocking up on sweaters and wool socks. We arrived in time for some beautiful foliage, and today it's actually close to 60 degrees - lovely! That said, we miss the boat, and look forward to moving back aboard in the spring. Til then, I'll have some landbound blogs, as well as updates on the work we're doing on the boat.
Colorful foliage instead of colorful coral reefs
Hidden pond

Chris bundled up while he writes

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  1. Looks beautiful, very peaceful. I don't want to sound greedy or anything, but I hope you get lots of writing done there.