Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Cool church
We recently spent a weekend up in Baltimore visiting with friends Clarita and Paul. It's always great to get a local perspective. They took us to the Sunday-morning farmer's market (under the highway, so it's protected when it's raining!), where we ate warm, fresh little donuts, perused the local produce, and bought a cute little pepper plant. Then we went out and walked around Fort McHenry. It was here that Francis Scott Key watched as the the British (unsucessfully) attacked the fort, resulting in his penning of the Star Spangled Banner. We also got beautiful harbor views from the Under Armour Headquarters, which is housed in a refurbed Proctor and Gamble factory. The buildings are named after P&G products like Tide, etc. What a cool city!
Baltimore Sunday-morning farmer's market

Waterfront at the Under Armour headquarters, looking toward the Inner Harbor
Cannons at Fort McHenry

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