Monday, July 15, 2013

Weapon of Blood Now Available and Climbing the Kindle Charts

Yes, after years of fans asking if there will be a sequel to Weapon of Flesh, Weapon of Blood is now available! We got the Kindle format out on July 1, and it immediately started heading up the Amazon Best Sellers Rank. And it’s first review is five stars! If you read Weapon of Blood and enjoy it, please help it out by writing your own review.

Please note the beautiful cover, once again courtesy of Noah Stacey.


  1. Thank you Chris I was waiting for this... I loved Weapon of Flesh. Now is there more to come from the Scimitar series??

    Can't wait to catch you guys in 2014 in the Caribbean !

  2. Chris, I just found Scimitar War when I ordered Weapon of Blood. Is that the concluding book in the story