Sunday, June 9, 2013

Yacht Spotting: Netanya 8

We saw Netanya 8 in Charlotte Amalie this past winter. According to the Superyacht website, she was built in 2007, is 190’ long on deck and nearly 37’ wide.  She carries 14 guests, a 1:1 ratio with crew. The pictures on the website are neat, showing both interior and exterior, including a great upper deck with cushioned space for sunbathing around the hot tub. This isn’t to be confused with some of the several other places for lounging, with their comfy-looking couches and chairs. There’s one odd-looking photo. It’s an interior shot of what must be an entertainment room, with a large-screen TV in the wall. Exterior windows extend nearly to the floor, and with the lights reflected off them, it resembles a futuristic spaceship. The impression is intensified by the four fuzzy beanbag chairs, which look for all the world like enormous tribbles (you Star Trek fans know what I mean). Interesting.

Sorry to have forgotten the picture the first time I posted!

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