Thursday, June 6, 2013

Family Visit!

Paul, Aidan, Bridget, Tess, and Karen

Anne’s sister Karen and her family were down for a visit recently. They rented a villa on Great Cruz Bay, St. John, for the week, and we moored in the bay. It was a perfect set-up; it was easy to dinghy in to the house, and easy to drop the mooring to take them out for a day sail. We went over to Francis Bay, walked to Annaberg Ruins, then snorkeled before sailing back. Our nephew Aidan even tossed a line over the side to see if he could catch some dinner, but no such luck. Other days we dinghyed around the point to snorkel, went to Cruz Bay to lunch and shop, and rented a car to tour the island, stopping to snorkel at Leinster and Salt Pond Bays. Unfortunately, I misplaced my camera for a few days, so I didn’t get as many underwater shots as I’d hoped for. We stayed at the house a couple of nights, and Karen and the kids were going to stay on the boat one night, but with everything going on, we forgot! Besides, I’m not sure the kids would have wanted to give up their free-running water, convenient refrigerator, and indoor pool (yup, you read that right) for sleeping on Mr Mac’s settees. We had a wonderful time, and missed them even as we saw their ferry chug into the distance.

The twins, Tess (left) and Bridget

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