Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Woo Hoo! Anne Is Published!

As most of you know, we saved up for years to cruise, and plan to stay at sea until the money runs out. So income is important to us. Well, Anne just got her first article, Dominica Daytripping, published in the Caribbean Compass! Very excited! Check it out at, page 26-27. Dollar-wise, it’s not a huge payment. But as an eternal optimist, I prefer to think of it in “doubles” terms.  Doubles are delicious curried-chick peas-on-flat-bread breakfast food in Trinidad, obtained for fifty cents each, and I’ve just earned ninety of them!


  1. Wow Anne, great article! I felt like I was walking right beside you. Perhaps a new career as a travel writer?


  2. Wow, congrats! We'll have to pick up a copy today! Would you like a few extras?

  3. Yes, please. Would you get some for us? Thanks!