Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dragon*Con – A Taste of (Un)Reality

Mona Lisa lives!
Beautiful dress
Metal and leather, together again

Is this not the sweetest little con-goer?
 Once again, we attended a fantastic Dragon*Con. For those of you who haven’t heard of Dragon*Con (you obviously don’t live in Atlanta), it’s one of the largest science fiction/fantasy conventions in the country. It takes place every Labor Day in Atlanta, GA, occupying most of the large hotels downtown. Take a stroll through the streets of Atlanta over the weekend and you may run in to Darth Vader or squadron of storm troopers from Star Wars; Victorian-era ladies and gentlemen boasting steam-punk gear; elves and superheroes and robots and Klingons and Vikings and Spartans; even that annoying woman from the Progressive Insurance commercials (I kid you not; this year there was a woman dressed up like this). It’s a real family affair; lots of parents (and even grandparents) attend with their kids, sometimes all wearing coordinated costumes. Here are just a few costumes that past by our table in the dealers’ room. Chris always does well selling his books here, and this year was no exception. We have a problem though; he’s got so many books out now, it’s hard to fit them all on a six-foot table. But that’s a good problem!
Zombies galore!
Colonial marine, aliens, and a poor sucker-face victim

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