Thursday, August 18, 2011

This Is Just Wrong

Boats belong in the water. I just hate being hauled out. It’s a necessary evil to haul Mr Mac every few years to paint the bottom of the boat. But to watch it ease out of the water and hang in the slings is awful. Our home and everything we own, suspended over hard concrete. It’s like a traffic accident; you don’t really want to see, but you have to look. Anyway, being hauled at Peake Yacht Services in Trinidad was probably the least traumatic hauling experience we’ve had. First, they’ve got the largest Travelift we’ve ever seen (though there’s a larger one at a nearby boatyard). Second, they send a diver into the water to make sure the straps are situated correctly beneath the hull and keel. Third, instead of the boat swaying in the Travelift sling as it’s transported through the yard, they put it on a boat-mover that cradled it in sturdy hydrolic chocks. Finally, these guys were so professional and clearly skilled at their jobs, it was much easier to leave it in their hands. So Mr Mac’s new home for the next few months is tucked in amongst the other boats in the yard, awaiting our return from a trip to the states.


  1. Wow it is nice to see such professionlism..Good to know your boat is in such good hands...Good luck at your conventions ! Sell lots!

  2. So glad to hear that went well - always a white-knuckle moment. What a gorgeous keel Mr. Mac has! We are hauling Running Free this afternoon, so we're living parallel lives on the other end of the earth!

  3. Why, thank you! I've never had my keel complimented before.