Monday, August 16, 2010


We took some time off from the boat to head down to Raleigh, NC, for a science fiction/fantasy convention.  Chris was on some interesting panels: Are Cloning Kosher? (about cloning animals for food), A Day in the Life of a Writer, Men Who Write Feminist Fiction: Can They Pull It Off? (Chris doesn’t write feminist characters per se, just strong female characters), and Revise Revise Revise, to name a few.  Some of his fellow panelists were the authors Joe Haldeman, Eric Flint, Jack McDevitt, and Jana Oliver, so he was in august company (pardon the pun!).  Here he is on the Revise Revise Revise panel.  He also met up with the balloon man, who can make just about anything with balloons, including this cheese hat in honor of Chris’ audiobook, Cheese Runners.  We left Mr Mac on the Merrimac River in the care of our friends Gary and Alex – thanks, guys!

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