Monday, August 16, 2010

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Chris on the brick streets of Portsmouth
After recouping a few days post-convention on the Merrimac River, we went north to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to visit with Dianne and Ellen. Portsmouth is a beautiful city on the Piscataqua River, with lots of historic buildings and a lively atmosphere. Prescott Park, right on the waterfront, has beautiful gardens planted and maintained by UNH, and there was an outdoor show – Peter Pan – playing to a crowd of appreciative kids and their parents. Overlooking the river is Fort McClary, where we were serenaded by musket and cannon fire.  And see the large building that looks like it might be a grand hotel?  Well, it actually was a naval prison.  We finished the day with a sampling of Ellen’s home-brewed beer flavored with yarrow from their garden. Delicious!
Chris, Dianne, and Ellen in the Prescott Park gardens

Fort Clary cannon fire

Old naval prison


  1. Hello Chris and Anne, glad to hear you are still sailing around. Keep the stories and pictures coming. We love staying in touch!

  2. Hi Anne & I'm REALLY homesick. Prescott Park in Portsmouth in the summer is such a nice place to visit. There are some great places to eat there as well. Enjoy! I'll be flying up in Oct for the foliage and apple picking. Can't wait. Take care. Ellen & Gordon