Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Treats on the Trail

We’ve had some great hikes on trails and walks on carriage roads here in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island.  One trail wound through forests and up and down three mountains, and was quite challenging, but fun.  In the rocky areas atop the mountains, we found wild blueberries to munch on – tiny but tasty!  The views were fantastic, and we had a bald eagle buzz us at eye level as we started our descent from Acadia Mountain.  We walked an ocean-side trail in Bar Harbor with Steve and Lynn from Celebration on a perfect day – clear and sunny.  We lucked out because the day before it rained all day, and the day after it was so foggy you couldn’t see any kind of view.  Again, beautiful views as we walked atop the cliffs; we even saw some black guillemots nesting on the rock crags.  A third day we walked the carriage roads, which are car-free and cross some beautiful stone bridges.  Although horse-drawn carriage rides are available, we figured we got better exercise by walking ourselves. 

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