Monday, July 5, 2010

A North Dock Reunion in New England

From Quincy we travelled north to the Merrimac River, where our friends Gary and Alex live. They spend winters on the North Dock at the St. Pete Municipal Marina in their boat Rhapsody in Blue, and their summers up here—ideal. Also visiting were other friends from the North Dock: Steve and Lynn on Celebration, and Rob on Cosmos Mariner. First Gary and Lynn welcomed us with a fly-by in Gary’s plane as we entered the river, then we all met for dinner at the house: lobster, corn on the cob, homegrown salad, and homemade bread. Here are pictures of Alex and Lynn shucking corn on the deck, while Gary gives Rob a lesson in preparing a lobster. We also celebrated the Fourth of July holiday here, ending the day with a dip in the chilly river. It was great to see everyone.

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