Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Two That Got Away

That’s right, not just one, but two. How’s that for a fish story?! Actually, it was two different instances; the first mysterious, the second disappointing. En route to Hog Sty Reef, we had the fishing line out when all of a sudden the line started tearing off the reel. Chris grabbed the pole and started to bring the fish in, with effort, since the fish really didn’t want to come. As he increased the drag on the line, it snapped, and we lost the hook, lure, and most of the reel of line to whatever was at the end of it. That was the mystery—what was on the line? Chris replaced the line on the fishing pole with heavier stuff, so the next fish wouldn’t snap it. The second time, just past dawn off of the southern end of the Ragged Islands, we knew exactly what we had: a three-foot long wahoo . Chris got the fish to the boat and and out of the water, then Anne took the fishing pole (that’s why there’s only a picture of the fish underwater!) so Chris could grab the fish while avoiding its mouthful of sharp teeth. But before he could get a good hold on it, the clasp on the leader broke and the fish dropped back into the depths. That was the disappointment, because wahoo is tasty, and that fish would have fed us for several days. At least it wasn’t the line that broke this time, but we’ve decided that when we get back to George Town, we’re going to buy a gaff.


  1. Wow, great pictures. We want to be there SOOO badly. Snow here again today, yesterday, tomorrow, next week..... Almost time to go home. Hope you continue to have a great time.

  2. Yeah you really do need that gaff, make sure it has a long handel and wide aperture because big fish are hard to snag with a little hook.
    Good luck for next time - wahoo is really nice, steak it don't try to filet it.

    Devin & Liz s/v Moosetracks

  3. Whales! Wahoos! Reefs! Love the stories and the pics. SO cool. Keep em coming.

  4. Thanks for the update -- What an adventure you are sharing with us! I love Hog Sty Reef story too!! Your pictures are gorgeous -- so much so that I want to know if you will be getting an underwater camera? Any cool artifacts from the ship wreck?

  5. A wahoo???? Isn't this a Dr. Suess creature?!