Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dean’s Blue Hole

Is this not one of the prettiest places you’ve ever seen?

It’s Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island, where we sailed to from the Jumentos Cays. Serendipitously, we met up with old friends—John and Roberta on Freedom, and Jason and Laura on Blue Blaze—at Salt Pond, Long Island, and we all rented a mini-van and travelled down to the blue hole for a day. And what a day! The blue hole, which is tucked up in the corner of this bay, is the deepest in the world, descending abruptly from the sandy rim to 660 feet in the hole itself. The white platform is used for freediving competitions. In freediving, the diver goes to depth (sometimes on a weighted sled) and back without any air source. As we arrived, one of the champions was just leaving; he’s gone to nearly 400 feet—no thanks! We snorkeled and had a picnic lunch, and climbed the surrounding cliffs to take advantage of the wonderful views, which you can see behind us. Chris even climbed a rope ladder and dove from the cliff rim into the hole; at least he didn’t have to worry about hitting bottom!

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