Sunday, April 5, 2009

Farewell Mr Mac

We had our final Mr Mac party at the St. Petersburg Municipal Marina last night. We had a truly wonderful time, and thank all our friends who attended. We provided hamburgers and hotdogs, but our friends outdid themselves in providing side dishes such as dips, chips, appetizers, potato salad, green salad, cole slaw, hush puppies, chicken wings, deviled eggs, and more. For dessert there was cake, pie, strawberries and ice cream, and a beautifully decorated, berry-topped, oversized sugar cookie made by our good friend, Lynn Kaufman on Celebration. Thanks, Lynn!

Although we're excited (OK, ecstatic) about our upcoming journey, it's really difficult to leave our friends. We've lived in St. Pete for nearly 18 years now, and at the marina on Mr Mac for nine years. If you're looking for a great neighborhood experience, you can't beat a marina. Everyone is friendly and helpful, and they kindly look the other way when you're on your way to the shower in the morning looking like death warmed over. Each person has a different background and perspective, and it's facinating to see what other types of personalities found themselves drawn to life aboard. Our friends from work and elsewhere are equally beloved, and we hope that we will stay in touch.

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