Monday, February 11, 2019

The Dogs of Providencia

Just look at that sweet face!

Dogs are ubiquitous in the Caribbean, always trotting along the road or beach or scrounging around town. Often, these are not attractive, friendly, or healthy dogs, which always makes our hearts ache. So what a treat it was to meet and greet the dogs of Providencia and Catalina! Nowhere else in the Caribbean have we seen such healthy, friendly dogs. Though they wandered all over, they didn’t seem to be strays, because they all seem well-fed, well-cared-for, and well-socialized. They’d approach wagging their tails, appreciate a pat and a scratch, then happily trot off. On Catalina, one young dog accompanied us from the sidewalk out to Morgan’s Head and back. Its lookalike mother(?) met us out there and came up for a pet and a wag. Another dog escorted us and friends all the way up to the top of the Peak, for which he earned a bite of my ham and pineapple pastry. A bulldog adopted Chris while we waited for a bus, hopping up on the seat and insisting on being petted. Then there were the two dogs that several times met us as we landed the dinghy on our way to town, and the one who accompanied us along Southwest Beach. As a lifelong dog person, I (Anne) loved them all (Chris liked them, but he’s more of a cat person).
Chris and friend waiting for the bus

On Southwest Beach

Our escort to Morgan's Head
This pup greeted us every time we were in town

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