Saturday, December 10, 2016

Bocas Beds

Over-the-water cabins to rent at the Cosmic Crab

Accommodations ashore in the Bocas del Toro area aren’t something we’d take advantage of, considering that we have our own fully equipped and comfortable home right there (Yeah Mr Mac!). However, there are some intriguing options should someone want to vacation here. If you’re really informal and don’t mind sharing, we’ve seen ads for dorm accommodations for as little as $10 US per night, and private rooms for $25. There are numerous hostels around town, as well as hotels. Don’t look for anything fancy – this is a pretty informal area. Some of the cutest places were tiny cabins set right out over the water, some with their own decks and chairs. And there’s even one little place set on its own little barge!

More little yellow cabins

Cabins at the Blue Coconut, if you like bar-side living

Bed on a barge - boat access only!

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