Monday, November 14, 2016

Port Antonio, Jamaica

Errol Flynn Marina - Mr Mac bow out on the far right of the line of boats

We stayed at the Errol Flynn Marina (he apparently loved P.A. and lived here a while) – great people, and only a couple of blocks to town. We love street food (and have never gotten sick from it), so we picked up some great jerk pork from Honest John. Wandering, we saw some terrific old buildings both occupied and abandoned. The town was full of life, and the annoyance of the hustlers trying to see you something was offset by people like the woman shopping in the fresh market who just stopped to ask us “Are you having a good time here?” Those are the kind of people we love to meet!

The Royal Mall

Oh, luscious jerk pork!

An abandoned mansion from the early 1900s, atop a seaside hill, the lower courtyard open to the breeze - beautiful!

Hotel on Titchfield Peninsula where Queen Elizabeth purportedly stayed
The ubiquitous goats - color coded!

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