Friday, June 10, 2016

Our Must-Stop Spot: Clarence Town, Bahamas

No fresh produce until the roof is repaired
 As always, in passing through the Bahamas, we stopped at Clarence Town, Bahamas. One of the great attractions there for us is the government packing house, where all the local farmers bring their produce weekly to be packed and shipped out to the other islands. You can get great deals on tomatoes, peppers, papaya, bananas, pumpkin, and more. This is a blessing, because otherwise, the fresh produce in the supermarkets is expensive and not-so-fresh, most being shipped in from the states. Unfortunately, the packing house lost its roof in the hurricane last year, so no fresh produce. We had to satisfy ourselves with our second-favorite C.T. attraction – the conch fritters and a drink at Rowdy Boys. The rum punch was on special that day, and yes, it packed a punch!
Always tasty

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