Sunday, May 1, 2016

Attack of the Remora

We’ve seen lots of remoras and shark suckers, those fish that attach themselves to sharks and other large fish, hanging around and feeding off the remnants of their hosts meals. We’ve often had them adopt Mr Mac as an interim host when we’re anchored. But during a snorkel in the Exumas, we encountered the most persistent little SOB we’ve ever seen. We were doing a drift snorkel south of Lee Stocking Island, merrily floating along, admiring the sea life. Remora comes close by – good photo op! Then he’s coming right at me. Not the shark-sucking apparatus on top of its head – it wouldn’t hurt me, but it’s not something I wanted stuck to a bare leg or arm. I waved it away. It went after Chris. He waved it away. It came back at me, etc. etc. That thing just wouldn’t leave us alone. Now, normally I have no problem with inquisitive critters, but this one just freaked me out because my mask was leaking and my snorkel not acting right. Every time I raised my head to adjust the mask/snorkel, by the time I looked back, the remora was nearly on me. One of the most annoying nature encounters we’ve had.

Remora coming at me with no shame for being a pest
Chris' turn to fend it off


  1. as you say enjoying nature is fabulous, but sounds like this was way too close and personal - I don't blame you for not being that excited about the close encounter - we are back on Tsamaya in NL - hope to launch her on Tuesday - very exciting to be back on board. Are you still thinking of heading to Europe?

    1. Oooh, you'll have to get used to the confines of a boat again! Europe is still in the plans, but probably not for a few years. We're in Panama now, and expect to take the next few seasons to check out the western Caribbean. We're liking it so far!