Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rudder Cut Cay

Stingrays are so graceful

The first time we went to Rudder Cut Cay in the Exumas, we were the only ones here. This time around, there were nearly ten boats anchored, an armada of dinghies darting around, and swarms of snorkelers on the reef near the anchorage. Even so, they all stuck around one area, leaving the rest of the long cut to us for snorkeling. And terrific snorkeling it is. If you start back near the pass, you can snorkel all the way down to the anchorage, going over shallow spots, deep spots, sand flats and coral reefs.Two days of intensive snorkeling sated our need for being underwater, and also yielded a lobster dinner!

Good-sized nurse shark that I disturbed while trying to get a picture
Sand tilefish ready to dive into its hole

Orange (my favorite color) sponge
Yellow stingray

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