Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Back in the Water for the First Time in Too Long

Outside the jetties leading to the Grand Lucayan Waterway are several reefs. Chris snorkeled on one our first day and came back with a lionfish (lunch) and a lobster (dinner). We both went out and snorkeled another reef and had a great time. To add a little more creepy to the area (see previous blog), as we headed back to the dinghy, we encountered a distinct change in the water, from clear to a rather distorted condition. Not murky, mind you, just...distorted. Merely tidal outflow from the waterway, we figured, and headed in. It was freezing! I screeched into my snorkel and kicked as I hard as I could, nearly levitating into the dinghy. We were so ready for hot coffee and tea after that swim!
A pair of foureye butterflyfish

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