Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cape Lookout, Outer Banks, North Carolina

Cape Lookout lighthouse

Although it was cool to watch the ponies on Carrot Island and convenient to be near Beaufort, the bugs were awful, tiny no-see-ums that drove us absolutely mad. So...we moved. That’s the great thing about being on a boat – it’s mobile. We bypassed Shackleford Banks, where the current runs like a mill race, and sailed out to Cape Lookout. What a great anchorage! Tucked back into the crook of the cape, we had plenty of deep water (as long as we watched where we were going). It wasn’t exactly clear, but after the brown muddy/tanniny water of the ICW, it was heaven to pop in for a dip. Ashore is the lighthouse with its iconic paint job. It costs a few dollars to climb to the top, and we hadn’t brought any money ashore with us, so we didn’t get what must be a terrific view. We did, however, get to speak with a very friendly ranger and volunteer. There’s also an abandoned village where they used to house naval and coast guard personnel, but we didn’t get over to explore that area.
Abandoned house on the marsh
The old lighthouse keeper's house and anchorage beyond

The lighthouse alight 

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