Sunday, June 21, 2015

Almost There…

In fifteen years we haven’t been off Mr Mac for so long, and we’re finally sooo close to getting back aboard. If you remember, we hauled the boat in November and had her hull stripped to dry out (after thirty years in the water, it had picked up some moisture). We spent the winter on Cape Cod (in a house, no less!) and enjoyed (or endured, in Chris’ case) record-breaking snowfalls. After a flurry of spring conventions from Toronto to North Carolina to Seattle, we settled down to prepare Mr Mac for the water. This is the royal “we”, because Chris has been the one busting his butt priming then painting the hull, reinstalling through-hull fittings, modifying the water system and installing a new expansion tank, and adjusting the engine mounts. (Have I said lately how much I love my husband?) So it’s with great excitement that we put several projects to rest and prepare to splash. Can’t wait to get wet!
Naked fiberglass

Green primer

Red anti-fouling paint

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