Saturday, February 22, 2014

St. Bart: Where the Rich Folk Play

The megayacht anchorage outside of Gustavia Harbor

We had avoided St. Barts under the assumption that it was too high-priced for us, until a friend told us about the free moorings. You can’t beat a free mooring (if it’s well-maintained, of course), and we’re all about free. We had a nice downwind sail, and arrived at the incredibly crowded harbor of Gustavia. Megayachts dotted the water in the anchorage set well away from the rest of us. Inside the harbor, even more megayachts moored along the quays. There were some beautiful vessels. The capitainerie was one of the prettiest check-in facilities we’ve seen, with nice young men in uniform to sign your papers and check your passports (which they rarely, if ever, do in the other French islands). So far, St. Barts had lived up to its well-heeled reputation. More later.

Freakishly large megayacht docked in downtown Gustavia, right outside the fancy capitainerie (with the Frisbee roof)

The boats on the quay wall get larger and larger as you go down the line

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