Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Culebra: One of the “Spanish Virgin Islands”

Mr Mac on mooring at Culebrita (Culebra in background)
From our trip to Culebra in May: Several friends recommended Culebra to us as a great place to cruise. We had visited Vieques, Culebra’s neighbor, a couple of years ago when we were first travelling from Puerto Rico to the USVIs, but didn’t get to Culebra. We finally made up for our omission. The island is only about 20 miles from St. Thomas, and downwind, which made for a nice, easy trip over. One great thing about cruising here is that the natural resources department has installed moorings for cruisers and weekend visitors from mainland Puerto Rico to use for free! Very nice. We moored in at least six spots, and anchored in a couple more (no moorings in those places). In most cases we could snorkel right off the boat, though we did head out to more remote sites in the dinghy. We were amazed at the extensive stands of staghorn coral that we saw, more in one spot than we’ve ever seen elsewhere. For wifi, we’d go to the plaza in Dewey, the only town.

Elkhorn coral
Typical street view in Dewey, Culebra
Old lighthouse on Culebrita

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