Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What an Evening!

One thing Chris and I have found lately is that, with all the writing/editing to be done on our various projects, we just don't get out much. We're making up for it this week. Last night we dinghyed over to Roger's Beach Bar, on Hog Island (southern coast of Grenada) to meet up with friends and listen to a band composed of a French couple (he's on keyboards and she's on sax), and two guitarists (one American, one Brit). They played such good blues and jazz, you might have thought you were in New Orleans. This afternoon, we dinghyed one bay over to a dinhgy concert. This band, Crispy Fried Jacks, with members from Grenada and Switzerland, were fantastic. It rained just before the concert, no one really cared as all the dinghys rafted up and people sipped their beer and wine while gazing at the double rainbows, then the beautiful post-rain clouds. Coming home was a race, as storm clouds were coming in again. Did you ever see Jurassic Park II, when all the jeeps are chasing the dinosaurs? That's kind of what it felt like with all the dinghys racing for home (except, of course, that we were on the water and there were no dinosaurs. Details, details!). Tomorrow night, we head out for the rotisserie chicken dinner at Whisper Cove Marina. I feel so decadent!


  1. Wow, you are becoming social butterflies! I miss all the music concerts in Grenada. Have fun.

  2. No, we're really more like social hermits. We need you guys around to drag us out and be social!