Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bad Roads Everywhere

We needed to have one of our anchors re-galvanized, which required a trip down to the southern end of Trinidad. This is the end of the island with the oil refineries, which doesn’t make for very good sightseeing. But what really caught our attention were the signs for steel plates on the road to cover the bad pot holes and torn-up concrete at the side of the road. The weird thing was, this occurred right at the entrance to the Trinidad Concrete facility! All we could think of was that they were harvesting their product from the closest source: the road out front. By the way, the roads elsewhere were fine.

Lovely view of an oil refinery

Warning, Will Robinson!

It would have been more assuring if the sheets didn't actually shift as you drove over them

Couldn't they use some of their product to fix the road?

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