Sunday, September 22, 2013


I don’t know why I always get waaay behind on my blogs during summer. I suppose it’s because we’re completely off our routine, traveling by plane, train, and automobile instead of boat, working cons, visiting with family and friends, etc. I have to admit, we had a great time, but we’re finally back on the boat. Unhappily, this is our current view. Happily, we’ve got all our on-the-hard boat work done, and we’re supposed to go back in the water tomorrow. It’s already been delayed once (we were supposed to go in two days ago, but there were some boats in extreme states of unpreparedness in our way), but I’ve got my fingers crossed.
Watch that first step!


  1. Our view looks exactly the same right now. YUCK. At least it's not hot or humid here.

  2. Hope Mr. Mac made it into the water again! Tsamaya just made it back in the water after 1 month on the hard getting repairs done - it sure is great to be a sailboat again! Hope you have a great sailing season- we are envious of your being in nice warm weather as we are getting bundled up for our crossing to the UK as soon as we have a weather window!