Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Savannah, Port of Spain

View across the Savannah toward downtown Port of Spain
Officially called the Queen’s Park Savannah, this enormous park in Port of Spain provides a good afternoon’s entertainment as you walk around and look at the sights. We started off on the south side, just as it started to rain. Luckily, there was a restaurant handy to duck into for lunch; we had a nice bite while watching the rain from the covered outdoor seating area. By the time we were finished, the sun was back out, and we commenced walking. Portions of the Savannah are vast open fields, but the northwestern corner was prettily landscaped area with plenty of trees, ponds, and foliage. Across from the Savannah to the west are several old mansions, some in disrepair, others undergoing repairs, and still more being used by various agencies. Across the street along the northern side, we passed the zoo, botanic gardens, and the Trinidad and Tobago president’s house, which looked to be undergoing some renovations; its gardens were beautiful. Many of the larger trees in the Savannah were identified by labels, which is always nice, and the benches had colorful mosaics. Back on the southern side, we passed the impressive metal-and-glass performing arts center. All in all, a nice urban stroll.
One section of an elaborately built mansion

Performing arts center

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  1. Beautiful place! We never made it there, guess we'll just have to go back.