Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Pitons Go Up, We Go Down

Chris heading down at the bat cave site

Bristle worm crawling on (eating?) a dead spiny urchin

Corals on the steep slope by the bat cave
As I mentioned in my previous blog, the snorkeling right off of our moorings in the Soufriere Marine Management Area by the Pitons was just fantastic. We moored in two locations: on the north side of the Soufriere Bay (the bat cave), and between the Pitons. The two sites were quite different. At the bat cave, the bottom sloped steeply down from the shore to hundreds of feet.  The substrate was principally rocky, with huge, coral encrusted boulders and coarse sandy/rocky bottom. Over between the Pitons, we were moored over a relatively flat, fine sandy bottom, with big boulders near shore. Different, yet both interesting. Here are some photos.
Typical at Piton site: sea feathers, sea fans, and sponges

Brown chromis feeding

Feather duster worm


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these awesome memories with us, you guys! xoxo

  2. We're so glad you like them! I love the way you can look at a picture and are immediately transported back to the scene.