Sunday, May 20, 2012

Participating in the Local Races


Okay, so we didn’t actually participate, but we were involved in our own small way. Our role, or more precisely, Mr Mac’s role, was as a turning point for the local racing boats. I swear they were vying to see who could get closest without actually hitting us. It was a little nerve-wracking when we’d see them coming back around, but it did give us nice close-up views of the interesting boats and the gorgeous  sails, and the guys were nice, calling out to us as they went by.


  1. At least they missed you, unlike our local amateur shrimpers who seem to think that boats float within the perimeter of their hulls and no anchor lines extending. They foul them routinely with cut lines and boats adrift common.

    Beautiful boats. And you got to see them up close.

  2. These are the coolest pics! How wild to be right in the middle of it.