Friday, April 6, 2012

Excellent Molluscs

Mantle out (left) and partially out (right)

One of my favorite mollusks to see when we’re snorkeling is the flamingo tongue (Cyphoma gibbosum). We generally see them on sea fans. The shell is pretty: white with peachy-brown streaks, and a transverse ridge midway.  But their beauty really shines through when their mantle is out. The mantle is a thin, orange-spotted membrane that the snail can extend around the top of its shell. These pictures show all three stages: mantle pulled in, mantle starting to emerge, and full mantle. Just fantastic!
Mantle in


  1. Hi folks,

    It is Easter Brunch at the McMillen's. I am here with your mom and she sends her love again. We had a delicious buffet which featured McMillen Eggs. Linda shared the story of your video with the humpback whale songs, it gave me the opportunity to take out my iPad to share with your mom.

    Hi it's Lauren and Hannah! We hope you both have a great Easter! Wish you were here!

  2. Now I am sharing the iPad with the other kids too!
    Hi auntie Anne. Its Tess We are at uncle Greg's house! How is your Easter? Say hi to Uncle Chris! I love you very much!
    Hey Anne and Chris, it's Erin! We all miss you very much, and hope you're having fun! Bridget wants to know when you're coming to visit, and she says she misses you!