Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Underwater Movie, But You Don’t Have To Watch It To Enjoy

Why? Try turning up the sound on your computer, closing your eyes and clicking on the start button (position your arrow over the start button first, unless you’re really bored and want to try to find it with your eyes closed). What exactly are you listening to? Humpback whales! We went snorkeling north of Pigeon Island, St. Lucia. The terrain was so-so. But we dove down and were surrounded by whale song. It was fantastic! I nearly passed out trying to see how long I could stay under. Sometimes you could hear it faintly from the surface, if you stayed real still and kept your ears underwater. But below – I kept expecting the whales to loom out of the distance, they sounded so close. It’s times like this that make all those dang floating-hydroid stings worth it.

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  1. Wow! Linda and I just enjoyed a beautiful voyage seated here at Willow Crossings! Thanks for sharing. Happy (early) birthday, Anne!
    We love you both!

    Mom (and Linda)