Monday, February 27, 2012

Circumnativaging Mayreau (By Foot)

Chris walking the beach on the eastern side of Mayreau
Our cute hiking buddy!
That sounds like a long way, right? But Mayreau is so small, it only took a couple of hours to walk around the entire island. Beautiful walk, though. There were beautiful views to be had, great beach walking, and a trudge up a long, steep slope. All fun. At the outset, we picked up a friend (unintentionally, he just started following us), a cute white dog, who followed us to the northern end of the island, then deserted us for a group of windsurfers. The route we took came courtesy of our friends Neville and Glenys on Alba, who’ve posted several island hikes on their website. Their directions are terrific, noting obscure landmarks and providing pictures at spots where you might get lost. Check out their site at Not only does it have info on their current cruising, but also about their cruising years ago when their now-grown boys were children, their mountain-climbing in Europe, and recipes.
Pretty little stone church

View from Mayreau's hilltop, looking east toward the Tobago Cays
Wonderful beachside restaurant table at Saltwhistle Bay!

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