Monday, January 9, 2012

Anyone Interested in an Abandoned Restaurant with a View?

Front pond


All the little things hanging down are bats

The long, red roof above is the restaurant
Chris and I walked over to Mount Hartman Bay to explore an abandoned restaurant. It’s situated on a hill above a marina/resort, and I truly hope they refurbish it one day, because the place it spectacular. You pass by a pretty little tiled pond with water lilies at the entrance, and wander into the lobby. The walls are brick below, white plaster above, with dark-wood ceilings and rough-hewn timbers and supports. The floors are tiled and the rooms large and open, with large brick archways, a patio, and balconies with beautiful views of the bay. Right now it’s being used only by a colony of bats, which hang happily from the ceilings and flit all around. And, while the bats are fun to watch, I’d rather come here to enjoy the food and view.


  1. It may be a bit ambitious for our Tiki Bar...

  2. How about "Mr Mac"s By The Bay". You've learned so much about the island food, how about taking a shot yourself!


  3. I'm here (at Willows)with Linda enjoying your exploits. Amazing!!

    Love you both,

  4. Hey Mom!

    Now that you have computer access, I'll expect you to check out the blog regularly. It will make me write more often!

    Love you! Anne