Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Work, Work, Work

Chris mixing up noxious paint; note his goggles and respirator

Look at the difference already between the dull hull and the shiny paint
We’ve been quite busy since we arrived back in Trinidad, working on the boat. Our biggest (and most dreaded) project was to paint the topsides (the hull above the waterline). Who knows how old the former paint job was; we’ve owned the boat nearly twelve years, and the paint job wasn’t new when we bought it. The paint had become faded and so worn down that you could see through to the gelcoat in some places. We considered having a contractor do it, but the price quoted would take too big a bite out of our cruising kitty, so we did it ourselves. And I must say, it looks beautiful! We met some folks here in Trinidad who use Awlgrip to paint their topsides, and they gave us lots of tips. Chris exhausted himself with the seemingly endless sanding to get the hull smooth and clean. We devised an efficient two-person method of painting—Chris rolling on the paint and making sure it was even and free of bubbles; me filling the paint tray, ensuring the optimal consistency of paint and reducer, handing him the brush for small sections, and being basic quality control—and were able to paint the entire hull in less than two hours, one coat per day. We lucked out and had several days without the typical noon-time rain shower. Five coats of paint, and we’ve got a terrific mirror shine! We’ve gotten loads of compliments on it and spent minimal funds, which makes all the effort worth it.
I can see myself in our shiny new hull!


  1. You're not actually going to put that shiny thing back in the water, are you??? It looks too nice to get wet. Great job. Jealous.

  2. The hull is already picking up that "boat-yard grime." We can't wait to get back in the water and clean up!

  3. Looks amazing...we certainly understand all the hard work invloved....