Tuesday, May 17, 2011

British Virgin Islands

The pastel waterfront at Soper's Hole

If possible, the BVIs were even prettier than the USVIs.  We checked in at Soper’s Hole, a colorful little town on the water in Tortola, then sailed and anchored our way up the chain.  One highlight was The Baths on the south end of Virgin Gorda.  The Baths are a jumble of house-sized granite boulders on and in the water.  There’s a trail that leads you under and over and through the boulders to a pretty little bay at the other end.  Along the way is a dim grotto with knee- to waist-deep water, some wooden stairs to get you over rough patches, and a thick rope to haul yourself up a steep and sandy boulder.  Fantastic!  We had moored a couple of small bays away and snorkeled over to The Baths over fields of similarly huge boulders – covered with corals and sponges and swarming with fish – that littered the sandy bottom.  This spot exceeded our expectations, which is always nice.  We saw numerous megayachts, both motor and sail.  They're beautiful, but too much luxury, don't you think?  I don't know about you, but I'd get too spoiled.  One drawback of the BVIs: it’s a HUGE area for charter sailboats.  At least the boats are labeled well so you can be wary.  It’s kind of like when you’re driving and you come upon a car with a “Student Driver” sign – you tend to avoid it.  Some people chartering boats know what they’re doing and are just fine.  Others….well, like I said, it pays to be wary.
This megayacht whizzed by us and out into the Atlantic
Sweet faces outside the market

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