Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This Is Not A Taste Test

OK, one unattractive feature about the Dismal Swamp is the water color. Much of the ICW in this area has waters dark with tannic acid, which is produced from decaying organic matter such as tree leaves. However, the Dismal Swamp water was really dark. For a comparison, we filled three glasses: filtered tap water, iced tea, and Dismal Swamp water. The filtered tap water in the picture above is obvious, and that’s what Bahamas water looked like (heavy sigh). Can you guess which of the other two contains the Dismal Swamp water and which contains the iced tea? I thought not! Actually, if the iced tea glass hadn’t had condensed water on it because it was cold, we might have ended up dumping the tea and drinking the swamp water.


  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed the Dismal Swamp - we should have gone that way too. Albemarle Cut is way too stressful! We are now milling about the Southern Chesapeake waiting for a decent weather window to head out from Norfolk. If you come up the Chesapeake you MUST stop at Jackson Creek. The Marina here is brilliant - you can anchor in the creek and $10 per person gets you full use of all facilities - car, bikes, pool and lovely showers!
    Maybe our wakes will cross soon, Cheers, Osprey!

  2. Anne, you gave it away, it's the middle one. You can see it's darker with the condensation as well.

    We hope you didn't drink it!

    Devin & Liz s/v Moosetracks.