Sunday, July 26, 2009

Scituate, Massachusetts

After traveling a lot, it’s nice to settle in for a few days, and that’s what we did in Scituate. This is a great stop for us because my brother, Frannie, owns the launch service here, and got us a mooring. We stayed for a week and never had to use the dinghy. Scituate is a great little town with lots of amenities (supermarket, boat stores, banks, restaurants, movie theater, book store, etc.) within walking distance. If you are cruising and need a great stopover, try Scituate. Call Cedar Point Launch on channel 16 or 09, and they can arrange for a transient mooring.


  1. Will the launch service pick us up in Cape May? Sounds like you're having a great time. We'll try the Lobster House tonight. Lynn

  2. It felt rather decadent to just call the launch and not have to get our butts wet going to the dock in the dinghy!