Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meeting Up With Friends

On our last full day in Key West, our friends from the St. Pete Municipal Marina pulled into town. Steve and Lynn, on their sailboat Celebration, had made an overnight passage from Fort Myers Beach. They started their cruising careers a scant four days after we did, so we’re all learning, and it was great to get together with them and compare notes. They came over to Mr Mac for dinner, and we broke out (but didn’t break!) the crystal glasses so we could toast to our new lives in style. Dinner was chickpea stew with tomatoes, cumin and lemon on couscous; olives; and a wickedly delicious caramel/chocolate chip dessert that Lynn brought while it was still warm. We started and ended the evening out with some wine and rum. Food, drink, and great company-you can’t ask for more!

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  1. Moosetracks was in the Dry T's for May 10-14th and in Fort Myers May 15th-18th. So we just missed you folks. Hope we cross paths and get a chance to catch up in future.